A Little Story About My School

I was at Darul Qur’an Boarding School for Girls when i am entering a new phase of my life. And yeah, there is like a million things that i like or don’t about this school. But yeah, life must go on (sound of drum roll)



Being santri DQ isn’t prove anything. Unless u prove you deserve it. Whats the important of ur existence if u cant do something. And i really really regretted it in the end. WHY??? The first word that come into our mind when we remember something in the past. The things we do not do. The opportunities that we cannot take. Live ur life. Maybe it’s sounds chessy. But it is. Everyone is different so don’t try to be someone else. Its better to be you truly are. Maybe u are all not really happy study at DQ. But dont u know our teachers are trying too hard for us? They are all not really sleep in the night because our noise voices. Do u know they cried because our bad behaviour?  And do u know they heart are broken when we mocked them at their back. So , what if i were santri DQ(again)?

DQ is the place where we can be better. Where we can love al qur’an. Where we can achieve our dreams. And if i were santri DQ (again)maybe i would love it.

Can u get my point? I mean while we are young chase our dreams. Start it. Even  it doesnt work at the beginning. My father said that “kadang kita gak perlu awal yang baik, karena pada akhirnya kita tetep sampai ke tujuan kita” it happens to me. I really thanked DQ because give me a chance to prove my self. I followed any kind of competion when i was there. But i never really win. But does it matter? As long as we keep going no one would blame us. I wasnt a great student u know. But one thing i learned from DQ, the thing that i dont even get in another places is “Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone”.

Explore urself. If u think u are good at math, then chase it. Dream it. And be it. If u think u are good at sports, then show it. And If u are good at singing then sing it.  Don’t waste our time. Cause time its precious. Santri DQ seharusnya berfikir selangkah lebih maju daripada kebanyakan orang lainnya. Karena apa? Remember when we did the pass test? It’s  really hard yep? Don’t u really know our parents are missed us but they hold it because it is for our future? And our teacher are trying their best to teach us? Then love them. Love ur self. And do good things. And at the end, if i were santri DQ i should achieve my dreams, should wake up every morning and tell my self that i am gratefull for what DQ has prepared for me. And when i graduate the “crown”  is there. For showing people that i am leaving with a great achievement. I am not the same person when i was. Cause DQ teach me how to behave. How to appreciate the tiniest nikmat that Allah give us. This is my story. Where is yours?

And there is something i want to tell u. If we cant stop the waves,then  we can learn to surf. If anything bad happened, dont blame other people. Cause we are the only one who responsible for ourself. And do goood thing before u cant do it again. Dig our potential because dq is place we can grow up.  We can find our own path. May Allah bless us  all



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